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Welcome to RetailerSoft


Who are we?
RetailerSoft is a specialized software company that targets its applications and services directly toward the retailing industry. Our very specialized applications and services are designed with one goal in mind - making independent retailers more profitable.  Our Margin Master application is currently in use by over 2,000 retail locations within the United States.

Today, we still own and operate a chain of three Ace Hardware stores.  This certainly gives us a unique perspective, and has helped us to deliver some of the most useful tools available to the independent retailer.  By working with thousands of retailers across the United States and now around the world, we have been able to build a number of very specialized applications targeted specifically to the independent retailer.

Sure, we are flattered by the new companies trying to compete with our tools.  While we are well aware that these companies are more than willing to "talk trash" about us and what we do, we are more than happy to let our tools speak for themselves.  Take a look at their tools, then compare the sophistication and feature sets, and we are sure working with RetailerSoft is an easy choice.

Did you say - Around the World?
The crazy thing about retail pricing is that retailers around the world all face the same issues.  With this in mind, RetailerSoft has gone international.  While we already have many installations outside of the United States, we have taken significant steps in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Australia.  Our European sales office is now open in for business.  If we can help in any way, please don't hesitate to contact Keith Giblin at kgiblin@retailersoft.co.uk or give him a call at +353 (0) 87 219 7921

A second partnership has also been formed Resurg Group in Australia.  Through this partnership, we will be able to help retailers in Australia and New Zealand with our tools.  Add to that ongoing discussions to release our products in the Middle East, Europe, and South Africa, we are ready for this global expansion. 

How can we help?
Our mission is simple. We want to help all retailers become more profitable. The tools we develop and sell are the first step in that direction. Our people are ready to help you in any way we can.  We would love the opportunity to demonstrate any of our products for you.  Our experience tells us that if we can show you the direct impact our tools can have on your bottom line profitability, you will become a customer.  All of our tools have a 1000% return on investment guarantee.  The total investment you need to make to see the benefit of our tools is as little as a few minutes to make a phone call.  In less than an hour of your time and for zero dollars, let us show you how our tools can help your business become more profitable.

Call us today:  989-896-8000