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Inventory Master

Inventory Master - What is it?

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Inventory Master is now NO LONGER FULLY SUPPORTED - but FREE 

In 2011, we decided that we would be moving Inventory Master to a sustaining support mode.  What this meant was that for all of 2012, we would continue to offer support, however on January 1, 2014, support would no longer be provided from RetailerSoft – although we would try to do our best.  Also effective January 1, 2014, we stopped all billing for Inventory Master – and offered the tool FREE to existing users or anyone that wanted to try it out.  Despite RetailerSoft no longer having formal support in place, most Inventory Master Users have continued to use the tool. 

Recently, we were able to reach an agreement with Dan Smith (former RetailerSoft employee responsible for Inventory Master) that we feel confident offers a decent approach to support for those in need.  As Dan pursues his higher education overseas, he remains willing to offer support, albeit independent of RetailerSoft.  Despite his busy schedule, for a small fee that is determined between him and a client, Dan can help with any support issue.  Please understand that RetailerSoft has no stake – other than providing the conduit to Dan and making every effort to make our customers happy.

If you would like to work with Dan, please let our support team know, and we will put you in touch with him directly.

What is Inventory Master?

  • Easy to use interface and startup wizard.
  • Predictions based on complex mathematical models.
  • Uses store specific data and sales histories.
  • Detailed order point management tools.
  • Connects directly to the Epicor Eagle® system.
  • Settings can be transferred over.
  • Exceeds ACE ® Vision 21 requirements.
  • Full customer service and technical support.

PC Requirements
  • Windows XP, Server 2003 or Vista operating system.
  • 2.0GHz or better processor.
  • 1GB+ RAM
  • 4+ GB of free hard drive space.

Inventory Master is the latest and most advanced computer suggested order point software application available for small to moderately sized hardline retailers. Imagine the ease of having accurate order points calculated and ready to go any day of the week. Imagine having the confidence in your computer suggested ordering program to let it manage your order points all year round with little to no effort on your part. Imagine having the items your customers want when they want them without having to predict the future yourself. Imagine watching your profits grow as more of your money is invested in the right inventory.

Now with Inventory Master you don't have to imagine it anymore. An easy to use software application, Inventory Master learns about your store and your customers by directly accessing the information already stored on the Epicor Eagle® server. Using the information, which it updates nightly, and the most advanced computational methods available the program analyses each item's history and current trends in your store to assign it an order point. Inventory Master then takes all of the newly created order points and automatically inserts them back onto the server. All that's left for you to do is send your order!


Who is ready for Inventory Master?

Inventory Master works for users who understand the value of accurate recordkeeping. Accurate inventory, sales histories, and an organized database need to be part of your stores in order to take advantage of Inventory Master. We are looking for customers who are ready to make the most out of the data they collect about their stores. If you have made sure that all of the items you sell are accurately inventoried, have order points or locations, and your employees consistently enter accurate point of sale information then you are ready to run Inventory Master in your retail establishment.

Need help getting your store inventoried and organized the way you’d like? We can help.

Are you an ACE retailer?

Inventory Master is optimized to work in your retail environment and to help you meet or exceed the ACE Best Practices. Ready on install, the Ace Way of Retailing Method of Calculating Weights can be implemented immediately without completing additional order point reports (ROP). ACE retailers are encouraged to go the extra step and implement the Inventory Master Method for Calculating Weights to maximize the benefits of using computer suggested ordering.