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Inventory Master

Inventory Master - How does it work?

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How does Inventory Master Work?

Right now Inventory Master supports users of the Epicor Eagle® system. Upon installation of the program the user is asked to enter in his or her login and password for the server so that Inventory Master can access the files containing your store or stores’ information directly. The program will load all of your vendors, departments, locations, and sku history. You even have the option of importing any settings you have already selected from the Eagle system.

Inventory Master will start off calculating order points for you based on the 26 months of sales history stored for you on the Epicor Eagle® server. Each item you have given an order point or location to in your store will have its records analyzed and then Inventory Master will use the overall strategy you have chosen to assign the item an optimized order point.  No input is required from you and you don’t have to worry about updating the program or the system files because Inventory Master will automatically enter your new order points into the Epicor Eagle® server on a daily basis.  As new information is added each day Inventory Master will be able to monitor changes in your store and trends in sales that allow it to anticipate changes that need to be made in quantities on hand, thereby saving you the effort of changing those order points yourself.
The most accurate and up to date order points will be ready for you whenever you’re ready to run your RSO and generate an order.

Not using an Epicor Eagle® system?  Let us know what system you’re using so we can make Inventory Master work for you!