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Margin Master

Margin Master - How does it work?

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How Does it Work?

Margin Master works by processing large amounts of information to generate some basic numbers.  By importing information from your current POS computer, and combining it with vendor data, Margin Master is very quickly able to compare your current pricing structure to a vendor's pricing structure.

Margin Master quickly helps the retailer identify items that they may be missing a margin opportunity on.  This is simple enough, but the question is always asked, "What if I changed those prices to Vendor List?"  Well now the question can be answered.  Margin Master is the only tool of its kind to allow retailers the ability to see the impact of every price change. 

After identifying obvious pricing opportunities, Margin Master is just getting warmed up.  Perhaps the retailer is interested in a different rounding scheme.  "What would the impact be if I rounded all my items to 99 instead of 95?"  Margin Master makes it very easy to know the answer to this question.

How about this - "What if I raise my overall pricing for items from a particular vendor, by 5%?"  or "What items do I have that are "A" items, priced below $3.00?  - And what would happen if I raised the price of those items 10%?"  These questions and many more are very quickly answered with Margin Master.