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Margin Master

Margin Master - F.A.Q.

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This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

How do I Try Margin Master?

First, watch any of our demo videos on our YouTube Channel found here: http://www.youtube.com/RetailerSoft  

In order to take Margin Master for a test drive, you simply need to download and install the program.  It will automatically run in Demo mode.  In Demo mode, you have the full ability to import your stores data, and perform unlimited "What-If" scenarios.  Best of all, you can see the annual impact making price changes will have on your bottom line.

The Demo version is a fully functional version of the program, with a few exceptions.  The demo version is limited only in that you can't export or print reports.  Also, you can only view about 10% of the item detail for items with price changes.  The most powerful feature of the demo is that you will be able to accurately see how any potential changes will impact your bottom line.  The "forecast annual impact" number is always showing, even in the demo version.  In fact, after you see the number for your store, this number hopefully will provide you the motivation to use Margin Master to achieve the full potential profit of your store.

While trying the demo is a good start, Margin Master is all about making more money.  After trying the Demo, you simply need to complete a simple registration process, submit an Purchase Order to us, and we can give you an activation code for your software.  Your information will still be there - no need to reinstall.  Within a few short hours, you should be able to start making more money.   

What are the Minimum PC Requirements to Run Margin Master?

Margin Master will install and run on most any version of Microsoft Windows XP or later.  Both 32bit and 64 bit operating systems work fine.  Also dual-core and quad-core processors work fine as well.  It is recommended that your system have a minimum of 1GB of memory - more is preferred, particularly for multi-store users.  500MB of Hard Drive Space per store.  Because Margin Master performs large numbers of calculations, processor speed is important.  The faster the better.  Look for a Machine with a 2.5 GHz or Faster Processor.  Preferably not an Intel Celeron.

High speed internet access is required to download and install the program, as well as program and pricing updates.

Preferably, the PC should have access to the same network that your POS System runs on to best facilitate data communications.   Preferably, capable of connecting and running your POS system.  A partial list of Point of Sale systems that Margin Master works with is at  the bottom of this page.  Each system has different capabilities based on the current version and vendor support.

The bottom line here - computers have gotten so cheap - if you do not have a newer computer - this is a great reason to make the purchase.  Spend a few extra dollars to get more memory - you will thank me later!   

What does Margin Master do?

Margin Master is a program designed to completely change the way you approach pricing.  With the creation of the Pricing Strategy Manager, Margin Master will revolutionize the entire pricing process.  Eliminate the 1-3 hours per week that is normally spent maintaining pricing using outdated technology like hotsheets - and achieve far better results in minutes per month.

Margin Master can help you analyze your current pricing versus up to three vendor price levels.  You can quickly do "What-If" scenarios to see the annual impact making changes will have on your bottom line.  Want to explore changing rounding schemes?  Not problem.  A few clicks, all price changes are identified, and the resulting annual impact is shown. 

Margin Master does not require vendor pricing to work.  Maybe you are simply wondering what would happen if you raised prices in one Shelf Sequence or Location by 3% - A few clicks and you know - and prices will be rounded per your rounding scheme.

Items can be changed one at a time, or across multiple stores - in a few clicks.

A common use of Margin Master is to quickly identify all items that are priced below a manufacturer's list price - and set those items to the list price.  Click - Click - Done!

How about simply finding all Blind Items, from a particular vendor, that are "A" items in your store?  What about those that have a retail less than $5.00?  Click - Click - Done.  Want to raise the price of those items 7%?  Click - Click - Done!

Margin Master is quite simply the fastest, easiest way to quickly manipulate your pricing, and see how any changes will affect your bottom line.   

What Doesn't Margin do?

Margin Master does not establish any pricing.  It simply allows you to set your pricing based on criteria provided by your vendor, and your own instincts.

Margin Master does not directly interface with your existing system.   The information Margin Master uses all comes from your existing system, but changes made in Margin Master do not directly affect your system.  Exporting from Margin Master back into your system is not supported by Margin Master.  However, Margin Master is capable of exporting information to a text file that could be used by other programs.

What POS Systems work with Margin Master?

Margin Master currently works with the following Point of Sale Systems:

Acumen ECS Prostix
Advantage Enterprise Redisell
Agility Epicor Eagle Retalix
AS400 Falcon RockSolid
AutBusSystem GeneralStore RODS
bisTrack GMROI Spruce
Computakey J3 SpruceWareNet
CounterWorks JEDs Substruct
Cruise KeyStroke Sunray
DART LSandE Sympac
DIBCorp MIB Tomax
Dimension PACE TransAct
DMAS Pacsoft  
EagleVision Paladin Version-2
ECI/Advantage Procom WestLake

Other systems are certainly capable of working with Margin Master, they simply have not yet been tested.  If you have a different system, please contact customer support to discuss the options available to you.

What do I get when I Purchase Margin Master?

Besides getting the best tool to quickly analyze your pricing, you get one year of technical support.  This includes any and all program updates as well as data updates.

Periodic vendor pricing updates will be made available. RetailerSoft has created data flow agreements with many vendors to provide their suggested retail pricing information and keep it updated within Margin Master per the vendor’s update schedule. Check with our support team for specifics about your vendors.

Margin Master can quickly import the revised prices, and using some advanced tools in Margin Master, can quickly show you the items that have changed since your last update.

Where do I get Support?

RetailerSoft prides itself on offering premium customer support. Any time you have a question, we have a support solution designed to assist you. One of the first places to look for support is in the Online Help documentation available on this website by clicking the "Web Help" link in the menu on the left side of the screen.

Next, we offer live user support during extended business hours. (8am to 8pm, GMT-5: Eastern Standard Time). To find live support, click the "Live Support" option on the left of the screen and select a representative to help you.

Of course, we are always here to help in any way needed.  We can always be reached via e-mail, or over the phone.  Our contact information is available by clicking here.

What's a Pricing Strategy?

When development of Margin Master first started, nobody really understood pricing strategies, nor how to automate them.  Now, by utilizing Margin Master, users can create a Clearly Defined Set of Rules that define the where, what and why of every single item's price.  Some stores have very simple pricing strategies, and other's very complex.  Whatever the needs are, Margin Master has evolved into a tool to help you effectively manage your pricing strategy rules, and ensure that every item's price continues to follow the established rules.  If an item's price is no longer in compliance with the rule - Margin Master will quickly point it out.  At that point, the user can either correct the problem, or perhaps create an additional rule to better define the pricing exception that is required for the Skus.  For more information - check out the section in Web-Help about Pricing Strategies. 

What about Rival Master?

Rival Master is our competitive data service that we offer as an optional subscription.  Included in this subscription is pricing information about the local big box competitors.  This information is basically a list of Sku's and the pricing information for the competition down the street.  For more information on Rival Master, contact our support team or click here for more details and pricing.