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Q-Books Master

Q-Books Master - What is it?

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for use with QuickBooks®

Q: What is Q-Books Master?

 QuickBooks Master is a plug-in utility used to accomplish some of the basic interactions between both POS Systems and Vendor Statements.  Future version may include integration with payroll and other functionality commonly used within QuickBooks.

Q: Why would I use Q-Books Master?

One of the cornerstones of the software produced by RetailerSoft is to simplify repetitive or complicated tasks.  The daily interaction between a POS system and the QuickBooks Accounting software is not incredibly complex, but it does require a manual process.  Even if this process takes only a few minutes per day, this time adds up.  Add to that the increased chance of mistakes and improper classification of statement items, and utilizing a utility offers significant advantages.

Q: What versions of QuickBooks does it support?

We support QuickBooks 2010 or higher, the Pro Edition or higher (this includes specialized editions such as the Accountant Edition, Contractor Edition, Nonprofit Edition, etc.), U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand versions. The request processor is not available in earlier editions of QuickBooks or in QuickBooks Basic Edition. We also support the QuickBooks Online Edition and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.

Q: What is Vendors are supported with Q-Books Master?

At the present time, only Statements from Ace Hardware Corporation are supported.  As the opportunity and need arises, we certainly plan to expand this offering to other vendors.  

Q: How does the Ace Hardware installation of SAP affect Q-Books Master?

Until Ace completes the Ace Statement conversion of the Acenet Statement process, Q-Books Master can only offer a limited level of integration with Ace Statements.  Full integration is a top priority and will be released as quickly as possible.  Existing licensees will not have to pay any fees for this or any enhancement. 

Q: What Point of Sale (POS) Systems are supported with Q-Books Master?

This initial release is intended to work with the Epicor Eagle® for Windows® POS.  As the opportunity and need arises, we certainly plan to expand this offering to other systems.

QuickBooks is a registered trademark and service mark of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries. Q-Books Master is designed for use with QuickBooks Pro Edition, QuickBooks Premier Edition, QuickBooks Premier: Accountant Edition, QuickBooks Premier: Contractor Edition, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, and/or QuickBooks Online Edition  software only.