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Rival Master

Rival Master - What is it?

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Driving Better Pricing Decisions with Improved Intelligence

Now more than ever, it is critical that a stores retail pricing be in line with customer expectations. While “Big Box” stores continue to promote the perception that they are lower priced, the internet and mobile access to item pricing has forever changed the way your customers shop your store. The problem is, if your customers know the pricing, shouldn’t you?

Competition Everywhere
It used to be that some stores had limited competition. Perhaps market size or geographic local has kept a Big Box store out of your area. In today’s retail market, unless your store is located in a place that UPS and FedEx don’t deliver, you DO have direct and immediate competition from the internet and the likes of Amazon and others. With no bricks and mortar costs to support and the ability to offer same or next day shipping, internet companies can squeeze the margins out of almost every item.

The Quest for Competitor Information
Retailers have employed a variety of methods to acquire competitive pricing intelligence. While physically shopping the competition, monitoring their advertisements, and listening to customer feedback will continue to be necessary, Rival Master is a new source of competitor pricing data that is easier to obtain, offers far more depth, all at a level of accuracy never before possible. Don’t accept some internet price, have confidence that you are looking at the price maintained by the specific big box down the street.

Margin Master Integration
Rival Master has been tightly integrated with the top-selling pricing management software - Margin Master. Margin Master LogoThe latest version of Margin Master allows Rival Master Subscribers to directly download the competitive intelligence - updated daily - for viewing within the tool. The ability to build and manage your stores pricing strategy having visibility of up to 5 competitors’ retail prices1 in addition to the suggested retails, cost and your own current retail can be a game changer.

Growing Match Detail
Margin Master Logo Although the current Rival Master database contains almost 1 million unique UPC’s, establishing matches beyond the direct UPC to UPC matches is a top priority. With this in mind, a new mobile app is on the horizon. Pricing Master, when released will be FREE to all Margin Master and Rival Master Users. With this tool, a wizard will facilitate creating like item matches. As matches are confirmed with a high level of confidence, all Rival Master Subscribers will benefit from the additional matches as they become available.

How it Works
Rival Master will crawl the internet to obtain updated pricing details for each item you sell with a corresponding match at each competitor store you designate. The resulting pricing data is available for use directly within Margin Master. As new item matches are established, they will automatically be included with your data.


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